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Our Capabilities

Transport of merchandise from 100 kg to 6 tons from Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Luxemburg, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Great Britain, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Rumania to Russia by direct transport as well as with load measurement at customs depots in Biala Podlaska and Siedlce (with the help of a crane and forklift).

Transport of cargo throughout Europe.

Loading and unloading as well as transport of cargo up to 21 tons (with a capacity of 82-120 m3).

Filling the documentation:
  • CMR - international waybill.
  • EX-1 - export declaration, generally accepted international document accompanying cargoes of European origin, confirms the export of goods from the EU beyond its borders, which needs to consignor for recovery ALV %(value-added cost).
  • TIR Carnet - this document allows pass country board without remaking documents on cargo transportation. TIR Carnet is carrier guarantee of delivery cargo to custom destination.
  • ATA Carnet - special international customs document that enables and streamlines the customs clearance time of goods exported in the acquisition and exhibition purposes, as well as professional equipment. The ATA carnet eliminates the convoluted customs procedure related to the temporary admission. User voucher need not complete the SAD customs declarations or consist of deposits on all crossed borders. The ATA carnet is not required for the carriage of goods within the Union.
  • DKD - document of control of cargo delivery between Russian customs. This document are need for custom clearance.
  • EPI (electronic application) allows you to prepare an electronic copy of the TIR Carnet to complete the major part of the customs procedures before the arrival of the vehicle at the customs terminal.